Gift guide for students

These are some of the things that have made my life easier as a student or are on the top of my wish list!

  1. Ventev global wall charging hub : this charger is really cool. It is super compact and it is has all the universal charging heads. I don’t personally have one, I have a bulkier one. But if you travel a lot or want to save space in your luggage, this is the charger for you.
  2. Laptop stand: I used to use a pile of textbooks as my laptop stand but the angle was never right, and I liked having my laptop at eye level so that I don’t slouch as much. I invested in a really cheap laptop stand and it has changed my life. Also, if you spill coffee, chances are that it won’t it the laptop if your laptop is on the laptop stand.
  3. Contigo autospout waterbottle: This has encouraged me to stay hydrated. I have a huge bottle of water next to my desk when I am writing now, instead of my tiny coffee mugs filled with water.
  4. External LCD monitor for your laptop: THIS IS AMAZING. When you are reading papers and referencing them and writing and switching between a ton of different screens. Having an external monitor has been a game changer.
  5. Muji pens… these pens write really smoothly! But I have been told there are others.. But these are cheap and mostly widely available now?
  6. External Battery LOVE THIS as well. If you are at a long conference and are writing notes on your phone or are using your phone a lot… the battery drains quickly, but there are not enough outlets at a conference to charge your phone, an external battery has come in super handy. Or if you are commuting long distances into work and your phone runs out of battery in the middle of the day. These external batteries have really saved me a few times.
  7. Science gifts! For the friend who seems to have everything! Check out Teresa is a real scientist who crochets and sells her creations on Etsy!! She is awesome!

These are a few things I haven’t been able to live without or have wanted.

Happy Holidays!!